Do you ever find yourself suddenly humming a tune you’ve not heard in years? Or saying a turn of phrase that you’ve not said in a decade? 

That’s the power of a good TV advert. The words, theme tune, or message will stick with you for years. 

These ads don’t just sell products, they imprint themselves into our collective memory, becoming iconic symbols of their time. The 2000 and 2010s were filled with heartwarming narratives and catchy jingles blaring through our TV sets, and you may be surprised at how many of these you still remember to this day. 

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing our 10 favourite adverts from this legendary time period and explaining what they did so well. Let’s jump in! 

Cadbury: “Gorilla” (2007) 

Set to the rhythm of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight,” this advert showcased a gorilla enthusiastically drumming along to the song before revealing the tagline “A glass and a half full of joy.” 

Not only was this advert outlandish and strange enough to catch the immediate attention of the public, but it also ended with an unexpected twist. 

Cadbury: “Eyebrow Dance” (2009) 

Yep – Cadburys again! The 2000’s were the home of some brilliant adverts from Cadburys, who clearly had a 10/10 marketing team at the time. 

This quirky advert featured two innocent-looking kids ready to have a photo taken before “Don’t Stop the Rock” by Freestyle starts playing. I’m sure you know what happens next – it’s impossible to forget! What’s so memorable about this ad is its sheer absurdity and infectious energy – years later, people still dance their eyebrows around in an effort to recreate the ad. 

Old Spice: “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” (2010)

Old Spice reinvented its image with this surreal and humorous ad featuring the charismatic Isaiah Mustafa. At the time of these iconic adverts, everyone was talking about them – 14 years later and they’re still quoted. 

The ‘Old Spice Guy’ soon became a pop culture phenomenon, with the rapid-fire clips going viral multiple times and parodies rolling in. 

Evian: “Roller Babies” (2009) 

Another advert with a brilliant backing track! Set to the infectious beat of the 1998 hit song “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugarhill Gang, this Evian advert caught (and kept) viewers attention by digitally creating a group of adorable babies showcasing their impressive roller skating skills.

With a tagline of “Live young”, this advert really did bring to life Evian’s brand message of youthful vitality. The advert was imaginative, innovative, and very on brand. 

PG Tips: “Al & Monkey” (2006-15)

Can anyone think of PG tips without simultaneously thinking of Monkey? We certainly can’t! 

These adverts were firm favourites for nearly a decade, with viewers captivated by the charming and hilarious duo, Al and Monkey. Whether they were attempting to fix a leaky faucet, hosting a tea party, or embarking on a quest to find the perfect cuppa, Al and Monkey’s banter and antics never failed to entertain.

Now, quoting ‘Monkey!’ in Johnny Vegas’ voice is commonplace in 2024. The adverts did what they were destined to do – stick with us forever. 

Churchill Insurance: “Oh Yes” (1996-2018) 

Another slogan that sticks around like chewing gum! The Churchill advert graced our TVs for over two decades and their catchy slogan will stay with us for many more.

The marketing team for this campaign were genius, as not only did they create the magic words that we still quote to this day, but they also evolved with the times, incorporating new scenarios and technological advancements.  

HARIBO: “Kids’ Voices” (2014) 

Years after its debut, the “Kids’ Voices” advert continues to be remembered as one of HARIBO’s most iconic campaigns. From police officers to cinema-goers, HARIBO showed how these yummy sweets can bring out anyone’s inner child – and they did a fantastic job of it. The unique choice to use children’s voices with adult actors was bizarre and brilliant enough to get people to talking. 

These ads had us laughing every time they popped up on the screens, and just like many of the other ads in this list, they still make us chuckle years later. 

Skoda: “Cake Car” (2007) 

When you think of this advert, does the song choice immediately come to mind? This ad is certainly ‘one of our favourite things’. 

Another ad that took something unusual and turned it into brilliance, the Cake Car took the Skoda Fabia’s tagline of “Full of lovely stuff” and brought it to life. As we watch a team of bakers create the car – engine and all – out of cake, icing, jelly and chocolate, one can only imagine how delicious the making of this ad must have smelt! Years later – we’re still thinking about it! 

Toys R Us: “The Original” (2014) 

Now THIS is a song you’ll never get out of your head. The iconic Toys R Us tune is whistled, hummed and sung by people all over the world, decades after it first aired on TV. 

This advert is a fantastic example of how far a catchy theme tune can take you, as the song has never become less of an earworm. You only need to say the words ‘Toys R Us’ and someone will sing it back to you. 

Get us to a toy shop! 

Cillit Bang: “BANG and the dirt is gone” (2005) 

In 2005, Cillit Bang exploded onto the advertising scene with its bold and unforgettable slogan: “BANG and the dirt is gone.” What made the “BANG and the Dirt is Gone” advert so effective was its simple yet impactful message and the energetic delivery of Barry Scott – how could we forget Barry Scott?! 

So, what makes your ads so memorable? 

When it comes to your own marketing, what are you doing that aligns with the adverts in this blog post? Are you creating campaigns that will stick around in people’s minds? Perhaps you have a catchy slogan, theme tune, or character? 

If your campaigns aren’t sticking – we can help. Get in touch.