Your business, your marketing, your call.

From self-service to full-service, you can choose the solution that’s right for you and your business. We believe that purposeful small businesses  deserve to succeed and that effective, customer-centric marketing gets them there. That’s why we want to make quality marketing accessible to all.


Supporting those who prepare and protect

We are driven to support those that keep businesses, their assets and their people safe and secure. Our expertise are particularly focused in security, health and safety, technology, manufacturing and business services.

We can help you to effectively communicate your solutions through the right marketing messages.

Struggling to cut through the noise?

There are so many options available – social media, content, websites,  email marketing, events and webinars, photography and video… where do you start?! We apply our extensive knowledge and experience to ensure your marketing plan is focused on what is really goin g to make a difference.

It’s your business
and it is personal

We’re passionate about marketing that reflects your brand personality – creating engaging content that conveys the real value of your products and services in an authentic and meaningful way. 

With Octima’s approach, your business can cultivate lasting relationships that strengthen and grow your brand with a marketing strategy tailored to you.

In a competitive, overcrowded market, we’ll help you to stand out and connect with your audience.

There’s no need to create a position in-house. Octima works flexibly to suit your requirements, enabling you to tap into our knowledge and expertise when you need us, to help achieve your goals.

Whether it’s a single campaign or regular monthly support, we’d love to help you share your passion.

How Can We Help You?

I want the tools to work smarter.

Interested in learning more but don’t know where to get the information to make your marketing work?

I want more hands on support.

Still want to execute your own plan but need the guidance and accountability to get it done?

I just want someone else to do it!

Looking for a partner to take it all off your hands so you can focus on doing what you love most?

One Size Really
Doesn’t Fit All

We understand that every business is unique, including yours. That’s why we focus on delivering bespoke marketing strategies using the channels that put you in touch with your audience.

We get to know every client to make sure we deliver a mix that gives the best results and the best return on your investment.


Get in touch today for an informal chat to see how we can best support you and your business!

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