Supporting those who prepare and protect 

Octima is a B2B marketing partner, passionate about helping those with a clear purpose to support others in the business community. We are  driven to assist those that keep businesses, their assets and their people safe and secure. Our expertise are particularly focused in security, health and safety, technology, manufacturing and business services. We help you to effectively communicate your solutions through the right marketing messages.

Sectors we work with…

We provide B2B marketing support to businesses who help others. Some of the sectors we have worked with, but not limited to include:



Health & Safety, Business Protection and Risk Management



Software, Manufacturing and Services



Electronic, Physical and Cyber Security

Business Services


Outsourced Services, Consulting & Training and Facilities Management

Small, But Mighty

At Octima, we’re champions of small business. Whether it’s just you, or you’ve got a team behind you, we help you make the best of what you’ve got.


Are you a start-up business with a small team?

So you’ve taken the leap – congratulations! You’re now the master of your own fate and can finally achieve the work-life balance you’ve always longed for.

Starting up a new business can feel like a huge step into the unknown. Suddenly you’re managing your own team and tackling a whole host of new challenges. Even with a few extra heads, you may still have to take on HR, IT, business development AND marketing for yourself. There is a lot to juggle when running a small business and it can often feel pretty overwhelming.

When it comes to establishing your presence, creating interest, and turning that interest into real business, developing a marketing plan is essential. But, with so many options to market yourself, where on earth do you start?

If you’re uncomfortable blowing your own trumpet, or struggling to articulate what it is your business offers to potential clients – we’re here to help.


Are you launching a new product or service or ‘pivoting’ your existing business offering?

In today’s challenging environment, there are no certainties. What worked for you last year (or even six months ago) may not work so well anymore.

If you’ve been running your business for a while, it’s easy to take for granted the notion that everything will keep ticking over. Whilst some businesses are easily able to adapt their services or product delivery methods, others can struggle to think of new ideas on how best to serve their customers. If this is you, you may find your marketing message doesn’t quite fit anymore.

There’s no need to throw out the baby with the bathwater though. You still have that same passion and motivation – the reason WHY you started this business in the first place. So, we’re here to help you evolve and adapt your marketing strategy so that it all makes sense again, ensuring you appropriately stay in touch with existing customers as well as engaging with new ones.


Are you reorganising your time, people and resources to protect your business for the future?

Some businesses have really thrived in the past couple of years, but sadly that isn’t the case for everyone. With an unprecedented mix of challenges facing so many businesses , perhaps you’ve had to make some difficult decisions.

If you’ve previously used an agency or even had somebody on the payroll to look after your marketing and have had to cut back a little, you may feel a little lost without that support. BUT, so long as your business is still here, marketing is a necessary activity to ensure there are still leads coming in – to keep it that way.

If you’ve just added ‘Head of Marketing’ to your long list of responsibilities, your day is suddenly filling up with all those other activities that are keeping you from delivering your products or services for your customers. We’re here to help you work smarter – focusing the time and energy on the things that are really going to make a difference.

“Do what you can, with what you have,
where you are.

– Theodore Roosevelt –

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our clients have to say:

Octima has developed regular blogs, information leaflets used in support of the blogs. We have also developed a branded approach to ‘information packs’ designed for different audiences. I have found Octima to be highly professional, supportive and provides good advice. I would thoroughly recommend Sarah and Octima.

Clive Thorp

Sector: Health and Safety

Sarah is a fantastic, creative, methodical and diligent marketeer. These attributes coupled with a relentless work ethic mean results!    

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Octima over the last year and I know they will be a great asset to any business looking to enlist their services.

Tristan Norman

Sector: Events

Octima is tenacious, creative, and off-the-scale helpful. As a follow-on from creating some new/original self-promo design work, I set them the challenge of coming up with an all-new look for my company vehicle graphics – the result delivered on all fronts. It was a tough challenge, they knew it – but delivered an exceptional design.

Richard Mack

Sector: Manufacturing