When people think of networking, they usually think of attending events, standing around and making small talk (to which isn’t entirely wrong), but there’s much more to it. 

Networking is more than exchanging business cards or connecting on LinkedIn, it’s about building genuine connections, fostering relationships, and creating opportunities for growth, all of which can propel your brand forward.

Stepping into a room packed with unfamiliar faces can be an intimidating prospect, and if it triggers your worst fears, you’re not the only one. It’s common for individuals to go out of their way to dodge networking events entirely, but adopting this mindset can hinder or delay their path to success. And if you’re aiming for long-term success, there’s one thing you shouldn’t overlook: building meaningful connections within your industry. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the significance of networking and provide valuable tips on how to do it effectively, both online and offline.

So, what are the benefits to networking?

Networking serves as a dynamic platform where professionals connect, exchange ideas, and build relationships that can lead to valuable opportunities. These opportunities nurture various aspects of professional and personal growth, including:

Job opportunities

Networking offers access to hidden job markets where positions may not be publicly advertised. Through connections made at networking events or through professional contacts, people can learn about job openings and secure employment opportunities. Making that physical connection can allow employers to see the personality and the human behind the CV or LinkedIn profile, enabling a potential to invest in you as a person, rather than just the skills and experience. 

Client acquisition

For entrepreneurs, freelancers, or business owners, networking is the perfect opportunity to acquire new clients or customers. By establishing rapport with potential clients or individuals in need of their services, professionals can expand their clientele and grow their businesses. You might not find new clients or customers at every networking event, but by attending and speaking about your business, what you can offer, and what you are looking for, you might just spark their mind whenever they are ready and looking for business.

Potential partnerships and collaborations

Networking allows businesses and professionals to connect with others who work in complementary fields or share similar interests, or even businesses that are completely unrelated to their own. Through these connections, people can explore opportunities to collaborate on various projects or initiatives. They can collaborate on projects, expand their reach, and grow together. 

Professional development

Engaging with experienced professionals through networking offers invaluable opportunities for learning, mentorship, and skill development. Insights shared by industry veterans, advice offered by mentors, and exposure to diverse perspectives contribute to continuous professional growth.

Personal growth

Networking not only helps professionally, but also aids personal growth and support. Building meaningful connections with similar-minded individuals offers emotional backing, encouragement, and a feeling of belonging to a business community. In tough times, a supportive network of peers and mentors can boost confidence, resilience, and well-being.

Tips for building connections when networking

Set clear goals

Whether you’re networking online or turning up for a morning breakfast club, always make sure you know what you are looking for. Define what you want to achieve through networking – whether it’s finding a job, expanding your client base, or learning from others in your industry. 

Stand out from the crowd

In a crowded marketplace, standing out from the competition is essential. One way to do this is by defining and communicating your unique brand identity. Whether it’s through your website, social media profiles, or an elevator pitch, make sure to highlight what sets your brand apart and show your character.

Offer value 

Whether it’s through sharing industry insights, offering advice, providing solutions to common challenges, or even just expressing something relatable, demonstrating your value can help you capture the attention of potential collaborators and clients. 

Utilising social media

Utilise your online devices and connect with people in your industry. Send a message, join groups, keep up an online presence, share your thoughts, and join active discussions. 


After making an initial connection, it’s crucial to promptly and professionally follow up. Whether it’s through a personalised message on LinkedIn or a connection request on social media, take the time to nurture your connections and explore collaboration opportunities. 

Engage with word of mouth networking 

Recommendations and referrals from trusted sources carry significant weight. When someone hears positive things about your business or services from a friend, colleague, or acquaintance, they’re more likely to trust and believe in what you offer. 

Leads generated through word of mouth networking tend to be of higher quality as they come from a trusted source. Therefore, they’re more likely to convert into paying customers. 

Be proactive and consistent

Staying active within your network ensures that you remain top-of-mind, increasing the likelihood of being remembered and considered for opportunities. Ultimately, fostering long-term relationships requires ongoing effort and engagement, making consistency a key factor in successful networking endeavours.

Embracing networking with Octima 

The power of networking cannot be overstated. Which is why we at Octima regularly attend both online and in-person networking events. 

If you’d like to chat more about how networking can work as a powerful marketing tool, get in touch.