Planning and delivery

When running your own business, it’s likely you’ll have to think and do many different things at the same time. That’s why it’s so important to streamline your planning and delivery processes. Ultimately, you want to create an efficient workforce with time to get everything done with ease and speed.

It’s vital to implement the right processes in your business. Subsequently, you’ll find yourself freeing time, energy, and resources that will take your business higher.

Firstly, what are the benefits of streamlining your planning and delivery?

Increased productivity

Streamlining processes can make tasks and responsibilities more clear, ensuring your team aren’t overwhelmed. Your team will also become more productive and more motivated knowing exactly what their daily tasks and expectations look like.

Improved communication

It’s important to have a clear portrait of what your planning and delivery look like. Especially when it comes to your marketing, as it will help strengthen workplace communication. Being able to better track completed tasks will be a time-saver. Employees won’t have to keep moving from place to place to communicate. This will also help increase the pace at which they work.

Better time management

What happens when aspects of your business become automated as you streamline your planning and delivery? There will be a lot less tedious tasks you and your team must complete. This will allow for better management across the board. You can then get started on other tasks quicker as well as focus on other areas of your business that may require your attention. These may be things you couldn’t give full attention to prior. 

Minimise risks

When you streamline the processes within your business, you’ll find yourself being more transparent. The progress of your employees will be outlined, and mistakes will be noticed far quicker than usual. This is great when it comes to overcoming setbacks as you will be one step ahead with the knowledge you acquire.

Measure performance 

It’s always good to know how you’re getting on. You want to make sure the tools you are using to plan and deliver content are the best match for your business and its everyday tasks. Having the ability to measure performance and track progress will allow you to identify what needs to be improved. It also indicates a clear route you should take to start making those necessary changes.

You now know the benefits that come with streamlining business processes but what can you use to make this happen?

Planning tools you can use to streamline your planning and delivery


This site is built on solutions that remove frustrations and workplace inefficiencies. When it comes to planning and delivering to your audience, you want the process to run smoothly. You want your efforts to transfer into a fluent experience for potentials and existing customers. One great function is prioritising upcoming tasks that highlight what needs to get done urgently so your team can get started right away.


Slack is a fantastic workplace communication tool. Its inbuilt messaging system allows for easy conversation all in one place. This is great for when you are planning your workload and need to come up with ideas as a team. Use the hashtags and different conversation options to discuss varying different things that are happening in the workplace. For EG one could be on marketing, another on the upcoming project, and another on your latest work team building activity. 

Social Pilot

Getting marketing right for your business and its audience is imperative, with Social Pilot you can do exactly that. Boasting powerful social media analytics, curated content and collaboration opportunities, this site is perfect for businesses. Especially for those who want to get organised and find online management tools that will take them straight to success.


This site is a team workspace where ideas are pooled together as a group and planned efficiently all in one place. If you have a large group of people all working on one project this is the site for you.


Here at Octima, we work closely with your business to help create marketing strategies that will create seamless planning and delivery processes. It’s your business, your marketing, your call. We are to support you on your journey to finding efficiency and organisation. 

Your customers are one of your biggest priorities as a business, as they are responsible for driving engagement, growth, and profit. In order to adhere to their wants and desires, you need to have a comprehensive streamlining process for planning and delivery. 

Whether you need help creating, scheduling, or strategising your marketing, we’ve got you covered. 

If you want to find out more about how we can help you increase business efficiency, reach out to us! It’s your business and it is personal. So, let’s get you making your mark in a competitive, overcrowded market.

We’d love to hear from you.