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As we transition into a new year, there’s often two things on our minds: reflection and anticipation. On the one hand we look back on our accomplishments and even our failures as individuals or businesses. On the other, we eagerly look forward, visualising what we’re capable of achieving in the year to come.

Today, we’re going to do just that.

It’s time to discover what the marketing trends landscape might just look like in 2022.

Each year we see new trends come to the front of the digital world. Here at Octima, we think this year might just be the biggest yet. We now live in a society that is consuming social media more than ever before. Businesses are beginning to ramp up campaigns, strategies and customer experiences to stand out in a very busy crowd.

So, what can we expect to see in 2022?

Short video content

Video advertising has always been big, but today it’s even bigger. Thanks to sites like TikTok and Instagram, short form video content on the very small screen is on the rise and shows no sign of slowing down. Not only do we like to consume information, but we also like to consume information fast!

Features such as Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts show just how effective short form video content can be. It offers audiences digestible snippets of content, yet still gives them everything they need. It’s also much more achievable for those with a smaller budget.

If you’re looking to raise your social media game this year, this might just be the perfect avenue to consider.

Live video content

The live video industry was expected to be worth over a whopping $70 billion by the end of 2021. Just like short form video content, this trend does not seem to be slowing. This method of advertising is perfect if you want to get your audience actively engaging. It allows them to feel like part of a conversation, rather than just passively scrolling through social posts or watching a static video.


The average consumer is flooded with marketing messages from a variety of channels, all day, every day. Because of this, it’s become easy to spot when a company is just trying to make a sale and often can feel disingenuous.. This means, businesses need to work hard to personalise content and really show the audience they care, about them.

Email marketing is a great example of incorporating personalisation into your campaigns. Automate emails according to customer behaviour to establish a connection between brand and consumer. This could occur after they leave items in their basket, on their birthday or even just to pop back in and say hello and remind them you are there for them.

Conversational marketing

It’s clear that the demands for marketing and marketing departments are changing. Marketing used to be formal and distinguished, a clear difference between audience and brand.

However, in today’s society, consumers look for relatability and familiarity. We no longer want long phone calls or emails back and forth; we want instant messaging. We want to feel like we belong to the brand just as much as its employees and to be incorporated in its messaging and experiences.

Thanks to AI automation, more businesses can instantly respond to customer queries and messages. This allows them to begin that all important conversation that you or your team can pick up and progress.

So, there you have it, our most anticipated marketing trends of 2022.

Here at Octima, we can’t wait to see how each one transpires and how businesses decide to integrate them into their own campaigns.

We know we will be getting on board, but will you?

If you want to branch out and try something new with your marketing, why not delegate it to an outsourced marketing partner? Our team can help your business to soar in 2022, ensuring you get seen by the right people, in the right place for the right results. Get in touch today.