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Social Media Templates

Not sure how you should be structuring your posts on social media and how often to do it? Download our editable templates and get all your social media planned week-by-week.

Monthly Marketing Webinars

CRM Systems: Getting Started

Are you keeping all your customer data in a spreadsheet? Email folders? Or perhaps you’re hoarding piles and piles of business cards… Well its time to get organised.

We’ll show you how to get started with your own customer relationship management (CRM) system, how to import your data and how to make the most of all the great features included in the no-cost version.

How to Appeal to Your Customers on an Emotional Level

So you’ve got a great product. You KNOW you should be able to sell plenty of it. You spend time crafting beautiful social media posts to tell everyone all about it. SO. WHAT.

Unless those potential customers CARE about what you’re selling and the VALUE it’ll give, you’re just not going to get the engagement you’re looking for.

This webinar addresses this problem. We’ll show you how to put yourself in their shoes so develop meaningful marketing messages that will really resonate.

Email Marketing: Getting Started

In an increasingly virtual world, it is important for businesses to adapt. Email marketing is one of the best, free methods to keep in touch with your audience and engage with potential customers. We will show you how to get started with email marketing, how to create beautiful templates and develop campaigns that will engage with your audience.

Relationship Marketing

Growing or maintaining your business can be tough in any climate, especially when its just you. You’ve only got so many hours in the day to build your pipeline and promote yourself. BUT, what if you could have a team of brand advocates out there – telling your potential customers how amazing you are and why they should choose you?

We’ll show you how to leverage your customer base, your network and even your prospects, so that you can create your very own ‘outsourced’ sales and marketing team… without the overhead.

Guroo Guest Webinars


Simon Tucker, Profitable Conversation

As a sales trainer Simon helps individuals grow into exceptional communicators. Giving them the techniques, skills and confidence to convert sales leads with greater success – simply by improving the conversation.

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Zelda De Hollander, Studio Shotz Photography

Zelda offers a unique, personal and professional photographic service to all clients. Zelda approaches photography in a friendly and relaxed manner, her style reflecting that. Producing photographic work that is natural and fun, crafting photographs that capture your unique personality.

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Gayleen Hodson, Hodson Writing Services

In our competitive market, your growing business needs support. Gayleen offer a variety of written services, from writing newsletters, blog posts, social media bundles, press release adverts to online ads. She strives to produce quality written work which is engaging, entertaining and empathetic, no matter what industry you’re in.

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Ben Drury, The Culture Guy

Coming Soon…