Customer Problem Statements

A practical way to articulate your customer’s challenges as viable marketing messages is to use a ‘customer problem statement’. Developed by Intuit (3) these statements encourage you to see your solution through the eyes of the customer, in the context of their own pain points. Here it goes…

I am: (A brief description of the customer, highlight their motivations, attributes and/or characteristics)
I am trying to: (Desired outcome)
But: (Problem or barrier)
Because: (Root cause)
Which makes me feel: (Emotion)

Intuit employ this technique for product development, encouraging their team to ‘fall in love with the customer’s problem’. Drawing on this customer-centric approach, marketers and business owners can use these statements as a guide for marketing content.

In Practice

The following example shows the potential customer problem statement for a business that trains and coaches leaders and managers of small businesses:

I am…

…a business owner managing a small team

I am trying to…

…ensure my team are productive, happy and work well together


I am unable to motivate and manage them


I have limited knowledge or experience of managing and leading others

Which makes me feel…

Frustrated, ineffective, inadequate