Social Scanning

Social Scanning

Even before the Covid-19 lockdown of Spring 2020, we were living most of our lives online. For marketers, this means a wealth of information on our behaviours and habits that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible.

Twitter Trends

If you head over to the ‘# Explore’ tab on your Twitter home page, you can instantly see what’s happening on Twitter where you are – according to your profile location settings.

The ‘Trending’ tab will also highlight the most talked about hashtags (#). For example, the following screenshot was taken at 9am on a Monday morning, where a timely selection of Monday related hashtags are trending. This is a great way to find out what users are talking about and to understand their habits and interests.


Many business owners spend more time than they’d admit to scrolling down their LinkedIn feed. However, are you really paying attention? Your LinkedIn feed is a brilliant place to find out what you’re connections are talking about and engaging with.

Although the algorithms will decide what should be ‘top’ of your feed, you can also choose to sort by date, as shown below, by clicking ‘Sort by’ in the top right of the feed:

On the left hand side of your LinkedIn homepage you’ll also see ‘Today’s news and views’, a collection of stories and articles from across LinkedIn that are receiving high engagement.

If you find a story that is relevant to you and your industry, you can take a look at these posts and the associated comments to gauge views and opinions on these subjects and how your second and third connections are responding. If these are your prospective customers, getting an insight into their views and opinions on issues that matter to you and your business can be a priceless resource.

Sizing Up Your Audience

LinkedIn Search is a powerful tool for segmenting business professionals. If you’re trying to narrow your audience and the potential opportunity of a particular target customer type, use the LinkedIn search.

If you were to search by a job title, the first option to come up before you hit enter, would be the search function (see the magnifying glass). Once you select this, you can filter further by connection to you, location, or current company.

You can drill down even further by selecting ‘All Filters’ on the far right, which will present you with the following options: