Collecting Email Addresses

Growing your email list can seem like a mountainous task, but it need not be. There are lots of tips and tricks to build and grow your email marketing list.  Some ways to gather email addresses include:


When you connect with existing and prospective customers, either face-to-face or when making a purchase simply ask if they would be interested in signing up to your newsletter.

Website form

Place a form on your website to capture visitors, invite them to join your email newsletter list. Ensure this is in a prime place, early on in your website and it is likely to be viewed more and the higher chance you have of people adding their email to it.

Email signature

Within your email signature, include a link to subscribe to your newsletter. Most email providers allow you to add a signature to all your outgoing emails. Rather than just replicating your business card details, take advantage of this additional marketing opportunity.

Utilise social media

Create posts across all platforms, with a link, inviting people to sign up to your newsletter.

Event List

Leave a ‘sign-up’ sheet in a prominent position, in some cases this allows even people you haven’t spoken to, to register their interest.

Gaining emails can be an ongoing dialogue, some customers don’t freely give up their email address until they are confident that they aren’t going to be bombarded.

Whether online or in-person, remind visitors you have a regular newsletter and invite them to join (even if they have declined in the past) engagement since may have encouraged them to change their mind.

Event Competition / Business Card Draw

Ask the event hosts if they are willing for you to run a competition for visitors. Invite visitors to submit their email address in exchange for a ‘place’ within the competition.

This is an effective, quick and often very successful method of gaining a large amount of email addresses in a small space of time. It is something that can be maintained regularly throughout the year, to boost your email subscriber list.