Are you an entrepreneur, sole trader or freelancer and still in the early days of business?

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Are you launching a new product or service or ‘pivoting’ your existing business offering?

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Are you reorganising your time, people and resources to protect your business for the future?

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You know that you need to be more proactive with your marketing but haven’t got the budget for an extra pair of hands – we’re here to help.

There are so many brilliant small businesses out there doing amazing things for their customers. Yet without the knowledge or understanding to effectively promote themselves, many won’t even get out of the starting blocks. Sometimes it might feel like you’re stumbling around in the dark and hoping for the best.

Guroo is an online platform designed to support small businesses to raise their profile, generate more leads and grow their business. Access a wealth of resources including webinars and videos, workbooks, easy-to-use templates and how-to guides , covering every aspect of marketing ALL IN ONE PLACE; from finding your ideal customer to how to make the most of your social media.

Don’t be the best kept secret…

Join today and let guroo guide you to marketing success.

Make Your Marketing Meaningful

Understand your audience, what matters to them and how your product or service fits with their needs.

Learn how to create engaging content that starts the conversation and generates valuable leads.

Build a consistent brand identity for your business with professional tools and templates.

Your Marketing Journey

Guroo will help you master four key areas to help you create a customer-centric marketing strategy – enhancing the quality and effectiveness of your activities.





Give your marketing
style  + SUBSTANCE 

To capture the attention of your audience, your marketing doesn’t just need to look good, it needs to send a message that resonates.

With Guroo, you’ll learn how to create compelling content and eye catching design – all in one place.


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Don’t be the best kept secret…

Join today and let guroo guide you to marketing success.