Octima Marketing Ltd is a marketing agency in Dorset. Check out our FAQs to find out more information about who we work for and how we work.

  About Octima

What does a marketing agency do?

They deliver marketing services on a retained, or ad hoc basis as per your requirements. Are you wondering “What can a marketing agency do for me?”

A marketing agency can either add to your existing marketing efforts or look after your marketing in its entirety on your behalf. You can be as involved as you wish. It’s ultimately down to what suits your needs and your own business strategy.

What is an outsourced marketing company?

An outsourced marketing agency is effectively an extension of your existing team. However, an agency has the flexibility of being able to work in the time you need and on the projects that you require.

You don’t have to worry about the additional obligations of an employee, such as pensions, benefits, and sick pay. Your outsourced marketing partner is consistently reliable and always there when you need them. Also, you can access a specialist skillset that may be difficult to find elsewhere.

What is your why?

At Octima, we are passionate about creating safe, secure, successful business communities. We are driven to working with businesses who have a purpose and who are focused on providing value over just profits. By championing the smaller businesses, who are purpose driven, we can share their incredible businesses through marketing messages.

Do you just work with B2B?

Yes, we specialise in B2B. The focus enables us to refine our skill set to produce the best results and offer the best services for our target market.

Who is your ideal client?

We want to work with those who recognise the value marketing brings to their business. Those who recognise marketing isn’t a quick fix, that it’s all about building long term relationships, a reputation and loyalty.

We are passionate about incorporating marketing into the way you work and the way you communicate with customers and clients at all levels. Ideally, we love to work with purpose driven businesses. These businesses understand the value of what they do but are struggling to communicate that effectively to customers. For Octima, it’s about making people’s lives better and easier and not about the quick win or the quick buck.

 Meeting the needs of our clients

What do you need from the business owner to get the project started? And how much time do you need from them?

This depends on what you want to achieve and what time you have. We would tailor any working relationship to fit with your requirements.

At the very least, upfront, we would need to get an intimate understanding of your business. Including your values, products, and services, how you wish to communicate with customers, and your overall business goals. Once we have all of that, along with any technical materials we would need to work with, (such as logos and brand guidelines etc) it’s up to you how much you engage with us.

Some businesses prefer to be hands-off and allow us to manage and deliver the strategy. On the other hand, some businesses prefer to have more input and direction. Nevertheless, it’s important to remain engaged so that whatever is going on in your business is reflected in our work. For example, news and recent hires, and anything else that is relevant and topical for the audience.

How much time do you tend to spend with each client?

Some clients like to have weekly catch-ups. At the very least, a client catch-up once a month is desirable. This is to ensure we are still aligned with the messages, activities, and the goals of your business.

How do you nurture loyalty? Where does marketing start and finish?

Marketing is never ending because it exists everywhere in your business. Every touch point that your customer has from the initial introduction involves marketing. Core marketing includes the message your audience experiences before they engage with your business, as well as how they are handled by your sales team. It includes customer service, technical support, delivery and then every touchpoint after they purchase or engage with your business.

Marketing is never-ending. It’s managing the customer experience and managing their impression of you. That never ends.

How to choose a marketing agency?

Choosing the right marketing agency can be based on the following:

• Recommendations

• Testimonials

• Case studies that provide proof of capabilities

• Affordability

• If you want to meet with them, geography could be important factor

• Google reviews

• Do they have a specialism that aligns with your sector or industry?

• What is their experience with your sector?

• Are they a good cultural, or ethical fit?

• Do you click with them?

Always check through your requirements. Make sure that the agency feedbacks an appropriate plan that aligns with your needs, demonstrating that they have understood.

How do I hire a good marketer?

Check out their testimonials, seek out referrals and investigate case studies. Make sure the marketing agency have understood you and your needs by asking lots of questions. At Octima, we are firm believers in finding someone who is a good fit for you and your business. So, the marketer will be someone who aligns with your values, and that you can build a rapport with and feel comfortable with.

Should you hire a marketing agency?

Are you torn between marketing agency or in house? The answer to this all depends on your business goals. Are you looking to grow? Are you looking to improve customer retention? Can you afford a marketing agency, or do you have appropriate skills or knowledge in house?

A marketing agency can use their expertise and experience to help you achieve business goals. It would also be a great idea to hire a marketing agency if you are struggling to find the time to do marketing activities. Marketing is never ending within a business, so it’s vital not to abandon it. If you find it is being left as a last-minute thought, perhaps now is the time to outsource.

  Our services

What services does a marketing agency provide?

Marketing services can cover the following:

• Content development

• Design

• Event Planning

• Digital Marketing

• Planning

• Strategy

• Delivery

• Analysis

• Recommendations

A marketing agency can provide digital marketing solutions for small business, helping you get in front of the right audience in the wide digital world.

Can you help with SEO?

Our content and activity are developed to support your SEO strategy. For example, we incorporate your keywords and build links into your site. If you were looking for further SEO support, we can recommend one of our trusted partners to help you build your SEO strategy.

Do you work on a retainer basis, or just ad-hoc projects?

Most clients are on retainer, giving them consistency with their marketing activity. This regular spending helps them to manage and budget for their business. However, we also do a variety of projects, which are ad-hoc.

We also offer short- or long-term campaigns (3-12 months) or support on a freelance or consultancy basis. The opportunities with Octima are endless.

What are social media management services?

Social media management services cover the following:

• Choosing the right channels that are appropriate for you

• Developing a content strategy

• Developing the content itself and any associated materials

• Responding to comments and engaging with the audience

• Looking for appropriate third-party resources that you can share, link, and engage with

• Feedback and report on what works well, what doesn’t work so well and what can be improved

• With any content produced elsewhere, ensuring the value can be maximised again by sharing through selected channels, repurposing the content, and getting the most value from what has already been developed.

What is the difference between an advertising agency and a marketing agency?

Advertising is a specific type of marketing which focuses on push messages, brand awareness and developing a specific message to a specific audience. This is done to provoke a response, which is a form of push marketing. Push marketing is about interruption and getting in front of people where they don’t necessarily expect it.

Whereas marketing is the bigger picture, it’s about addressing the needs of the business, the needs of the customers and then aligning products and services to match that.

What does a full-service marketing agency do?

They’ll do anything and everything they need to support your marketing presence. To begin, a marketing agency helps to develop the right message to the right audience in the right place. They also support you by seeing how marketing plays a role in your larger business strategy.

A full-service marketing agency also delves into how you deliver your customer service and how you can add to your customer experience. The full-service is all about raising awareness, generating leads, and nurturing loyalty.